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What are flower essences?

Flower elixirs are liquid infusions of fresh flowers. They consist of water that contains the bioenergetic imprint of the flowers.


This energetic imprint travels through the acupuncture meridians, like an acupuncture treatment without the needles.

Historically, these types of flower remedies are called flower essences.


They do not have a scent. To avoid confusion with aromatherapy and essential oils, we have always referred to them as flower elixirs.


What makes flowers so alluring?


They vibrate, they radiate, they inspire and scintillate us!


But, beyond their physical magnetism, flowers contain energetics, a snapshot of their unique lifeforce and plant life survival skills, a frequency that has been used as a powerful healing tool for centuries.

Flowers help us dissolve emotional qualities that don’t serve us and amplify the positive emotional qualities that we wish to bring to life.

What should I expect when using flower elixirs?

In the short term, you start to experience less irritation. Everything’s smoother. The stress dissolves. You sleep more soundly. Any strong emotions get softer and lessen.

Long term: your inner landscape changes, and your outer landscape starts to reflect that new reality back to you.


You may let go of relationships that don’t work, form new ones that do, start new career paths, do things you used to be afraid of, and walk with a little more swagger.

In short, these elixirs accelerate the process of getting you from where you are to where you want to be.


And into who you truly are, beyond your wildest dreams.


How do I know which elixir to pick?

Notice what flower you’re visually attracted to.


This method takes our mind out of the equation + we can simply trust our first thought, our intuition.


What are you drawn to?


These are the flowers that will benefit you most in that moment.

The important thing to remember is to use them regularly. This means committing to a flower + using it 5x a day, in any format.

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