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These policies are in place to ensure quality, care, value, and respect for my business.

Earth & Ash is a budding, appointment-only small business. Without clients there is no, US; with that said, it is essential to build a positive culture of accountability and a standard of integrity from the beginning.

I value your visit to the studio and acknowledge that your time is equally important. Please hold the same reverence for my time and Earth & Ash.

I look forward to serving and holding space for you. 


By booking with Earth & Ash, you authorize this establishment to process the credit card you used to book your appointment if you no-show, miss or late cancel. Your card is ONLY charged under these circumstances, and the card on file should be current and active.

If you have an invalid card on file, or were successful in booking with an expired card, or removed your card from your profile and you miss, late cancel or no-show, an invoice will be sent and will need to be paid in full on the same day.


All invoices must be paid in full before booking another appointment. 

If you choose not to pay the invoice we reserve the right to remove you from booking with Earth & Ash.


A 48-hour notice is required if you cannot keep your appointment and 100% of the service will be charged for any missed, late canceled, or no-show appointments.

If you cannot cancel or reschedule your appointment online, you are outside of the rescheduling window and will need to CALL and leave a VOICEMAIL (if your call is missed) or TEXT at 206-890-8202.


Emails are no longer an option for cancelling until there is a receptionist to manage communications.

You are sent appointment confirmations, and it is imperative that you manage your bookings. Your card on file will be charged 100% of the appointment(s) booked if you miss, late cancel, or no-show.


NO appointments will be moved to another day to make up for the late cancelled, missed, or no-showed appointment.

If there is an emergency, there are exceptions.

late arrival

Please communicate via text or phone call if you are going to be 5-15 minutes late.

Your appointment will me modified to ensure enough time to check out and clean up for the next client, and you will be charge in full.

value all of my clients, and it is essential to honor the appointment times of those who have booked and the time they are paying for; maintaining a nice flow within the studio is my goal and keeping everyone and myself on track is essential. Please respect the decision if your appointment is rescheduled or modified.

If you are 15-25 minutes late three times in a row you risk being removed from booking at Earth & Ash.

pay it forward

If something happens on my end last minute and I need to reschedule or move your appointment time, I will add-on something special to your service free of charge. 

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