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Here you will find a collection of websites that I use in my personal life and esthetics practice to navigate the beauty industry and the resources I use to determine what skincare products are suitable for myself and clients.


Using cosmetic analyzers helps navigate cosmetic ingredients from an external perspective and an excellent companion to the internal approach with skin mapping.


I started researching comedogenic ingredients in my mid-twenties, 2005, to be more specific, when I was dealing with relatively unpleasant acne. Cosmetic analyzers didn't exist at that time, so I spent hours researching ingredients one by one, starting with the skincare products I had at home.  


SLS, also known as Sodium Laurel Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate, were the main culprits I was searching for at the time, and my hair and skincare products contained SLS and other pore-clogging ingredients. By happenstance, I found myself on a forum for acne-causing components, and SLS was in the spotlight for how terrible and stripping it was for the skin. That was my first AH-HA moment and breakthrough in all the research I was doing day after day, product by product. After this discovery, I replaced my products from head to toe, and things began to shift and heal tremendously. 

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