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Energy. Vibration. Thought. Vision. Manifestation.


It's been over a year of doing extensive research in finding all of the products that we wanted to carry at Earth & Ash and we are coming close to bringing our vision to our studio where we will have an actual retail store and soon an online platform where we will be able to ship domestically!


With Chanté's first career being in fashion she is absolutely beyond excited to finally have her own personal boutique of all the deliciousness she uses in her daily life and rituals, some new sacred findings, holistic skincare products, and small batches of handmade apparel.


We are affiliates to a few companies and will provide links to their websites so you can benefit from awesome discounts and be an alchemist of your energetic, spiritual, physical, and vibrational life.

In the meantime you can find the affiliate links on our IG @earth.and.ash.studios and click the link in the bio.


We are beyond BLISSED-OUT!

Red handmade clay flower pot with dry wheat / rye bouquet in sunlight shadows on white bac
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