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SOULful journeys



Sound + Energy Work

The Earth & Ash Ritual is working directly with the subtle body by using a combination of sound and energy. I have been trained in a few energetic modalities known as Reiki, LaHoChi, and Lightarian Reiki and I flow energy in a way that is unique to what feels authentic for me by working on and off the body, I use a combination of sound from a variety of instruments, and the smoke of Palo Santo mixed with other herbs. The session will assist you in grounding yourself back into your body, harmonizing your chakras, and clearing energy blockages from the emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual and physical body. 

sound journey

1:1 - Couples - Small Groups

A sound journey is where you immerse yourself in a multitude of visceral tones where you can feel the frequency of sound in the deepest parts of your body. A sound bath creates a meditative state where the brain hemisphere begin to sync and body can begin to shift in to a restorative healing state.  

Sound journeys are another way of working with the subtle body.

Friends Sound Journey

earth & ash 

30 min. Sound + Energy

Enjoy an abbreviated version of the Earth & Ash Ritual while you're under LED.  


If your'e new to sound and energy work and you're curious about where to start I highly recommend this add-on service!


1:1 + Small Group

More options COMING SOON!

Short Yoga Flows are currently incorporated in the

Sound Journeys as of now.

Outdoor Yoga Pose
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