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A little bit about me...

Ready to take the next steps with myself and my career, I finally merged my love for skincare and my connection to spirit and created EARTH & ASH. Looking back on the last thirty-nine years of my life, I can see how my life has been initiating me for this very moment to turn my work into an offering that is in direct alignment with who I am, who I have become, and with plenty of room for continual transformation.


In 2017 I had a pivotal moment in my life when I promised myself to start showing up even more as my authentic self, spiritually, not only in the world but in the treatment room. Everything shifted after that. The people I began to attract in my treatment room, also known as my BCE's (best clients ever) were a beautiful mixture of people of different backgrounds, all sharing the same common thread of living purpose-driven lives, connecting to their intuition, deepening their connection to themselves, ready to work as a team and do the work, and most importantly, having genuine beneath the surface conversations. Our time in the treatment room wasn't only about skincare; it encompassed personal growth stories, support during trying times in life, loss of friends and family, deep belly laughs, spiritual journeys, empowerment, and soul connection. Every day I am blessed to have the opportunity to learn about myself through my clients, continuously evolve within my craft, and develop great relationships with inspiring men and women.

I've been in Esthetics professionally since 2013, but I've loved skincare for my entire life; I have fond memories of removing blackheads from my sister's nose in the 4th grade with tweezers; my childhood friend Sherry taught me how to extract blackheads on my nose in 5th or 6th grade which was the worst thing to learn ever because I would drive my nail into my nose creating a wound which would turn into a scab. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Popping pimples on my friends' backs and making hot compresses in my mother's crockpot with various herbal teas, and giving friends a massage was the norm throughout Junior High and High School, not to mention my beauty battles with acne in my mid-twenties. My life has been a steady initiation.


I have a background in fashion; I attended FIDM in Los Angeles in October of 2000, right after high school, majoring in Fashion Design. After nine years in Los Angeles, I relocated to Colorado Springs and became a contractor at Peterson Air Force Base and a banquet bartender at night. I spent five years in Colorado and had my son, Nyjah, in 2010. Even though my career as a contractor was far from my passion, it paved the way in other areas of my life that prepared me for this exact moment. In 2013 Esthetics was brought to my attention right as my five-year contract was coming to an end on Peterson Air Force Base, and without a doubt, the more I researched about this career, it lit my soul up! I enrolled in Aveda Denver but unbeknownst to me, life had a different plan, and I relocated back home to Seattle in 2013 and completed my Esthetics licensing in Washington. I worked at a chiropractic clinic doing Ultrasonic Cavitation body treatments in Redmond for my first job in the industry, then landed a remarkable career at Dermaspace in 2014 and spent an incredible six years learning and honing in on my craft. 


I look forward to working with all who feel called to visit Earth & Ash Studios.



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